Produits RLC can provide its clients in the foundry sector with quality silica sands through Covia (Unimin) products. With its important truck fleet and its impressive source of supply, Produits RLC can deliver silica foundry sands throughout Quebec.

Produits RLC also owns specialized trucks for the collection of silica sand waste. With equipment tailored for the type of waste to be recovered, Produits RLC is committed to dispose of industrial mineral waste in compliance with standards prescribed by the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et Lutte contre les changements climatiques of Quebec.

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Our offer:


Unimin Corporation, a member of the Sibelco Group, is North America's leading industrial mineral producer and a technology partner to a diverse customer base. Our silica, high purity quartz, feldspar, nepheline syenite, calcium carbonate, clay, kaolin, lime and limestone products are the fundamental building blocks of nearly every industrial and manufacturing process.

Prince Minerals

Prince Minerals provides engineered products for chemically bonded sand cores and mold production to eliminate casting defects, producing a high quality casting.

United refractories

Induction melting and holding, high tonnage cupolas, transfer and treatment products for iron, steel, and non-ferrous foundry operations. URC offers refractory products that withstand the specific demands of each foundry process.

We're also working in these industries:

Plastic Processing

Silica minerals such as Covia (Unimin) products are very helpful in the plastic processing sector. Minerals distributed by Produits RLC are used for manufacturing pastes that are essential in plastic processing. Tires, rubber parts and plastic wraps are only a few examples of products requiring the use of silica in their manufacturing. Produits RLC offers […]



Produits RLC serves many companies from the energy sector. This line of business largely uses silica minerals. For example, these sands can be used when extracting oil or natural gas. Silica sands can also be used in more targeted processes such as geothermal energy. Produits RLC distributes Covia (Unimin) products throughout Eastern Canada. These are […]



In the construction sector, silica sand is used to manufacture several components. Ceramic, quartz counters, porcelain, bricks and clay are only a few examples of how silica is used in the construction sector. Produits RLC distributes Covia (Unimin) products to meet the important needs of customers from this business line. Produits RLC also recovers used […]



Produits RLC provides industries with Covia (Unimin) sands, because these sands contain silica, they are essential in several processes. For example, they can be used as an abrasive and raw material for manufacturing several industrial components. In addition to the distribution of Covia (Unimin) sands, customers benefit from Produits RLC’s impressive truck fleet for the delivery […]